Telepathic Whisper

Communication cantrip

Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: 120 feet
Duration: 1 minute

You can speak directly into the mind of one creature within range. The target (and only the target) hears the message and can reply mentally with a message of its own.

The contacted creature doesn't need to share a language with you to communicate in this way, but it must be able to understand at least one language. A creature without telepathic whisper can receive and respond to your telepathic messages but can't initiate or terminate a telepathic conversation.

You can use this power to communicate with any creature whose mind you can detect through Detect Minds or Locate Mind.

You can trigger this power through solid objects if you are familiar with the target and know it is beyond the barrier. Psion fields, psychic silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood blocks the power. The effect doesn't have to follow a straight line and can travel freely around corners or through openings.

You can end the telepathic contact at any time. The contact is broken as soon as you are no longer within range of the target, if you use this power to contact a different creature within range, or if you or the target are incapacitated.

At Higher Levels: Your range increases to 250 feet when you reach 5th level, 500 feet at 11th level, and line-of-sight at 17th level.

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