3rd-level ability increase (base power)

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

This is a super-ability and grants you the following benefits:

  • You roll twice when making Strength checks and take the higher. This does not count as Advantage.
  • You always win opposed Strength checks against opponents without Super-Strength, but lose these same checks against opponents with Mega-Strength.
  • When you trigger a knock-back, the distance is doubled.
  • When you roll a Strength check, you can take a roll of 6 instead. You add 2 to this total each time you increase the power level (e.i.: with a 4th level power slot you can take 8, with a 5th level power slot you can take 10, etc.).
  • While this power is active, as a bonus action, you can add 1d4 + your proficiency bonus to one Strength check, Strength-based attack, or Strength saving throw DC. You can use this feature once per short of long rest. When triggering this power using a higher power slot, you gain an additional use of this feature every two additional levels (5th, 7th, and 9th).
  • Your carrying capacity is your Strength score x 1.5 tons. You can push, drag, or lift a weight in pounds up to twice your carrying capacity. While pushing or dragging weight in excess of your carrying capacity, your speed drops to 5 feet.
  • You can replace Dexterity for the Acrobatics skills with your Strength.

You must have the Enhanced Strength base power to take this as a base power. You do not recover the power slot or prepared power that you gave up for Enhanced Strength but must give up an additional 3rd-level power slot or prepared power to take this power.

At Higher Levels. When triggering this power at 5th, 7th, and 9th level, you are considered one size category larger when determining a knockback and what weapons which you can wield. A Medium character would be considered Large when triggering this as a 5th level power, Huge at 7th level, and Gargantuan at 9th level, but only when determining who they can knockback and weapons which you can wield.

Additional Options

Worrisome Threat. You can give up a 1st-level power slot and prepared power to gain the Worrisome Threat feature. Making a Charisma (Intimidate) check (or use the Intimidating Strength cantrip) opposed by a target's Wisdom save. If you succeed, the target considers you a threat. He has disadvantage on any attack rolls or ability checks made that don't target you until you're incapacitated or the encounter ends. You must be proficient in Intimidating Strength.

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