Sometimes, when a strong creature hits someone, they take an impromptu trip, flying across the battle field. The telekinetic blast of a powerful psionic can throw his enemies for a loop as well. This is called “knockback”. When a target is hit by a creature with superhuman strength or a power that deals Bludgeoning, Force, or Thunder damage, there is a chance he’ll be knocked backward. Use the following rules to clarify.

Dealing a Knockback. In order to knock back a target, you must have a Strength score of 25 or higher or a power with a total power modifier of +7 or greater. You must then make a successful attack with a -4 penalty. If the target is your size category or smaller, there is a chance of knockback.

Your attack deals damage as normal. The target must then make a Strength save opposed by your Strength (Athletics) check or power check, depending on the nature of the attack. If you win, you knock the target back your Strength modifier or power modifier x 5 feet and is prone. If the target succeeds at his saving throw, there is no knockback.

If knockback is used against inanimate objects, the target receives no save.

Crashing. There is a threat of damage from landing and crashing into objects and creatures along the path. There is a 50% chance that the target will crash into an object in his path. If the object covers the path entirely, the chance is 100%. Crashing into an object causes damage equal to being hit with that object plus the attacker's Strength modifier or power modifier to both the target of the knockback and the object he smashes into. Creatures in the path may make a Dextery save (DC 15) to avoid the target suffering knockback.

If the object is broken or destroyed, the creature continues along their path, losing 5 feet from the total distance. The creature may continue to crash through additional objects in the same way.

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