Familiarity can affect the use of some powers, particularly psionic abilities. It can also come into play when using some class features, feats, and skills, especially when resolving social mechanics.


An associate is someone that your character knows, but isn't involved in the life of. A co-worker, a servant, or someone that he speaks to on a regular basis. This is someone whom your character has seen and spent time in a place with. Examples include the barista who serves him coffee twice a week and knows his name, the police officer who tips him off, or his son's teacher.


A friend is a someone that your character cares about and regularly communicates with. This may be a teammate, a family member, a girlfriend, or a roommate.

  • The range of mental communication powers, such as telepathic whisper, are multiplied by 10 when dealing with a friend. You may reach out with your mind to contact those known by you without being in their presence so long as they are within range. You can only contact one character per round in this fashion.
  • If a friend is proficient in Arcana or who is in a state of heightened emotions, such as great fear, joy, or sadness, can reach out to you using your telepathic whisper or similar communication power.


An enemy is a character who your character knows well and works in opposition too. Your character is personally invested in the defeat or redemption of his enemy.

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