Astral Manifestation

1st-level transformation (Ritual)

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour

As a standard action, you can manifest a physical form comprised of astral energy on the material plane anywhere that you can see within range. This new form is similar to your physical body, but has some differences. Its Strength is equal to your Charisma, it's Dexterity is equal to your Intelligence, and it's Constitution is equal to your Wisdom. The manifestation otherwise has the same statistics as your physical body modified by the new ability scores (e.i.: the Constitution modifier to hp, the Dexterity modifier to AC, etc.).

Once reduced to 0 hit points the manifestation is destroyed and you return to your body with 3 levels of Exhaustion.

This form can have additional powers, such as flight or super-strength. These powers are selected as any other power would be, however, unless they are psionic powers, they are only usable by your astral manifestation.

Your silver chord cannot be seen in the material world.

Your psychic presence can freely travel through the physical world and gains a Fly speed equal to half your land speed. It can't pass through portals leading to any other plane. If you try to enter a new plane, you return to your body and wake up.

The physical environment of the material plane has no effect on your psychic presence, and it doesn’t require air. However, it does take damage from all damage types.

The effect ends for you (and any you bring with you at higher levels) when you use your action to dismiss it. A successful dispel magic or dispel power used against an astral or physical body ends the power for that creature. If a creature’s original body or its astral form drops to 0 hit points, the power ends for that creature. If the effect ends early and the silver cord is intact, the cord pulls the creature’s psychic presence back to its body, awakening it. The creature is stunned for 1d4 rounds.

For more information, see Astral Form.

At Higher Levels. When you trigger this power using a power slot of 2nd level or higher, the duration increases by .

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