The Super-Fantasy Role-Playing Game is designed to facilitate high-action, high-adventure role-playing games in a variety of genres, including super-heroics and mythic fantasies.

Super-Fantasy is particularly suited for games where the player characters are meant to be powerful compared to the common folk—like the caped crusaders and hard-luck heroes of comic books, the flying martial artists and meched-out antagonists of anime, or the holy warriors and wicked witches of high fantasy and faerie tales.

If you're not familiar with tabletop role-playing games, they are a form of group story-telling combined with a tabletop game. Most of the players take on the role of a character in the story, while one player—the judge or game master—becomes the storyteller and arbiter of the rules.

We chose 5e and the d20 System not just because many people have a love for and familiarity with it, but it works well for over-the-top heroic action.

Game Overview

To play the Super-Fantasy Role-Playing Game you need one or more friends (who are willing to play, not just in general), the rules relayed here, a set of polyhedral dice, and a computer or paper and pencil.

In the game, you create the coolest character you can think of — the funniest, toughest, or most emotionally tortured — then you take on the role of that character in an adventure. You control the motives, personality, and actions of your character as he or she faces dangers, unravel mysteries, and otherwise drives the story that the game master weaves.

One player takes on the role of the game master (GM). He develops a plot and controls the villains, monsters, and everyday people in the story. The GM steers politics and weather patterns, lets the players know what their characters experience, presents them with plotty goodness, and mediates disputes over the rules.

If you’ve played other role-playing games, especially 5e or d20 games, a lot of the elements of Super-Fantasy will be familiar. However, the game possesses unique classes and races, and most importantly super-powers.

Using This Site

To get started, use the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

  • A Good Place to Start covers most of what you need to create a character, set her up with powers, and advance her when it's time.
  • Finances & Items gives you a list of the equipment you might need, including vehicles, weapons, and bases. It also tells you how money in handled in the game world.
  • Playing the Game explains the rules of the game — combat and social mechanics, how powers and magic work, and environmental effects.
  • Game Master is a toolbox of information that will help the Game Master with world-building and game design. It also includes stats for monsters, villains, and allies.
  • Designer's Corner is for use by those actively working on the mechanics and other aspects of the game.

Superhero's Handbook
Game Master's Guide
Creature Compendium

Welcome to the Super-Fantasy RPG development wiki. My goal is to present a balanced game that can be used flawlessly with the rules of 5th Edition.
I'll present new classes, races, feats, and epic boons, along with a power-system that allows the play of superheros and meta-humans.

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